Wordpress Tips

How To transfer a Volusion Commerce site into a WordPress WooCommerce site

Someone who uses Volusion.com for their shopping cart hosting asks a question about the process of moving their propitiatory content into WordPress and WooCommerce. The first thing to understand when you are making this type of move is that normally you are not the first person to go through the process. When you are looking […]

How To – How can I display my WordPress.com Blog on my Self Hosted Website?

When we are first using WordPress the easiest and cheapest way to get started is to make a wordpress.com account and just start posting. However after a while you might find that you need more control of your content or just want to host your own site on an account you get at a hosting […]

How To – I just changed my WordPress Theme and my site Died what do I do?

Ann writes that her website just went down and she is new to WordPress and website building and needs some help to get it back online. We have all been there. The most important thing to do when something like this happens is to remember the last thing you did that might have caused it. […]

How To – Why is my WordPress Website Shop suddenly very Slow?

A person asks why their WordPress Online Shop has strangely become slow and they wonder if it could be due to recent plugin updates. This is difficult to say what can be slowing your website. Although updates to plugins can cause problems. Normally a plugin will work relatively the same from version to version. That […]

How To – Why do my colors change when I upload Images?

When you are designing your website or simply uploading images for your content there are times you might have problems with images keeping the same appearance you saved them as on your computer. Now before we get into the problems with uploading files lets first take a second to understand how photoshop can cause this […]

Installing WordPress Updates How to know when they might break your site

Some people love to be on the bleeding edge of software updates however there are many times when installing a new update can break your website. If you haven’t experienced a Plugin, Theme or Core Update failure then you should count yourself as lucky. Although a good amount of testing does go into every core […]

How To use FTP to upload a WordPress theme to your Hosting Account

A lot of people are not familiar with some of the basic tools that developers use to host websites and its just something that you need to get accustomed to just like you learned any other computer application. For most basic management of your website you will need to use only a handful of applications […]

HowTo – WordPress How to delete such Garbage Urls or Data in your Posts

Question Recently I noticed a number of garbage links in my content that I did not put there. The urls are relative links and point to content that is dated prior to me starting the website. Is there a simple way that I can remove this content or do I need to delete each of […]

WordPress – Advice on Creating Multiple Small Sites Within the Main Site

Question I have been asked by my local school student union, to help with the creation of a website. (grand). They want the students of their clubs, to be able to create a webpage/s in the site for their clubs ie: basketball club, football club, diabetic club and so on. the url can be either, […]

HowTo – WordPress Problem backend session expires almost immediately

Question For some reason my dashboard will only allow me a few seconds before expiring the session. All I changed was the WordPress URL setting in General Settings. Answer Login Sessions are timed by cookies in your browser.. when the cookie expires then you get logged out. The first thing that you should do is […]