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How To – Why do my colors change when I upload Images?

When you are designing your website or simply uploading images for your content there are times you might have problems with images keeping the same appearance you saved them as on your computer. Now before we get into the problems with uploading files lets first take a second to understand how photoshop can cause this […]

How to Create a favicon bookmark icon file for your website

If you keep a lot of bookmarks like most people do then you have seen those little icons that are found in url bars, bookmark folders or on your desktop if you drag a webpage url to your desktop from your browser. Although there have been some innovations over the years the original file for […]

Lack Of Reliable Features Means Delay In HTML5 Video Distribution

A recent post on YouTube’s API Blog explains the reasons why HTML5 is not ready for Primetime Video Distribution. While many independent and smaller sites that do not need the full features of Flash may adopt HTML5 Video it seems that larger sites that serve to many platforms and allow their videos to be embedded […]

Microsoft Update Turns Off Indeo Video Codec Instead Of Fixing It

For users of Microsoft Windows 2000 and Later Microsoft has begun their deprecating of OS support by deactivating supported plugins instead of fixing them. In an Advisory released December 8th Microsoft explains a security problem where remote control of a system can be gained if the user views specifically crafted media content that relies on […]

HowTo – Updating Windows 7 Drivers For Digital Cameras

Depending on the brand and type of interface your camera has you may find that you need to update your camera drivers to connect with Windows 7. This is an important thing to remember to verify if you are a professional photographer or a high end hobbyist.  If you find that your camera does not […]

HowTo – Adding A Shortcut Icon favicon.ico To Your Website

When you visit many websites you will see a special logo icon in the URL Navigation bar and if you make a bookmark shortcut to the website you will see that same icon used next to the description in the menu. If you drag the url bar to your desktop a larger icon will represent […]

onOne Software Control Pro-Grade Cannon DLSR Cameras With Your IPhone or Ipod Touch

If you are a professional Photographer you understand that being behind your camera is not always the best way to control your shoot. Well with onOne Software for the IPod Touch or IPhone you can now control your camera remotely with a preview. Not only can you control the firing of your camera but you […]

DoubleCAD Offering Free Online Training Webcasts

IMSI Makers of DoubleCad and other Cad Software applications will be offering free training throughout the month of July. The program that started in June offered 2 classes and this month they are expecting to offer about 6 more live sessions. DoubleCAD is a free and paid Cad Program that has many of the features […]

CreateSpace – Amazon’s Self Publishing Platform For Authors, Musicians, Film Makers

Are you an Author, Musician or Film Maker? Think getting your products into the hands of consumers is going to be difficult? You think you need a big time Agent to get your manuscript published and printed? Well actually its not that difficult. has been providing publishing solutions for a number of years and […]

yfrog Twitter Image Hosting and Posting

yfrog is a service that allows you to host an image and upload your message to Twitter. The process is very simple you just visit the site and select an image to upload. Add your message for your Tweet and then provide your username and password. Really this is not such a great thing to […]