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How To – Why do my colors change when I upload Images?

When you are designing your website or simply uploading images for your content there are times you might have problems with images keeping the same appearance you saved them as on your computer. Now before we get into the problems with uploading files lets first take a second to understand how photoshop can cause this […]

How to Create a favicon bookmark icon file for your website

If you keep a lot of bookmarks like most people do then you have seen those little icons that are found in url bars, bookmark folders or on your desktop if you drag a webpage url to your desktop from your browser. Although there have been some innovations over the years the original file for […]

HowTo – Advice about choosing a WordPress Theme for your Business

The one thing about the internet is that you can be an individual business owner and present your company at the same level as corporations with tens of thousands of employees. .. The difference between an attractive functional site and and one that people will click away from means money in your pocket. But with […]

HowTo – Using Google Advertising Network Link Feeds In Your Content

There are two ways that you can get Google Advertising Network links to generate product advertising information as a publisher. The first way is FTP transfers of full product lines and the second is Emails of Daily Promotions. The FTP method requires significant time and effort on the part of the publisher to use the […]

HowTo – Tricking FF To Render CSS Like IE – Padding

I am making a site for  my friends landscaping business and ran into a place where IE and FF don’t render the same way. The problem was on my header element and it was related to padding. I ran into the problem when trying to align a page background with my menu bar. First i […]

Is Website HTML Validation Worth Your Time?

Every time there is a new browser out or new version of HTML the industry starts freaking out about validation of websites. I find that this is really something you should not worry about after you have mastered basic skills of HTML development. The sites that offer validation or optimization tips use code checks that […]

HowTo – What Is The Single Best Way To Make Money Online?

You know I wish someone would reveal this answer to me because it is allusive.  In addition there are so many people out there trying to get you to use their system that it seems right to take a look at some of the ways that a web developer or site manager can use to […]

HowTo – Using Google’s CDN API For jQuery And Other JavaScript Libraries

Google and a number of other large providers including Microsoft and Media Temple allow developers to access a variety of JavaScript Libraries which can aid in website deployment and availability. Using Google’s CDN has both benefits and drawbacks and before you make use of this offering you should understand that there is a possibility your […]

HowTo – Introduction To jQuery

The jQuery package is a comprehensive library of JavaScript functions that are commonly used by web developers. The library has been tested for cross browser compatibility and it streamlines your ability to access HTML Elements within your documents. In addition to the main library package you can extend jQuery with plugins that you or others […]

HowTo – Making Your PHP Script Sleep Between Execution

One of the things you are likely to run up against if you are writing scripts that access outside API’s is a requirement to throttle or slow the execution of your script to conform to user agreements. This is because sites that offer API access don’t want people to flood their resources with bots that […]