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Are Your Affiliate Programs Jumping Ship at Google or other Ad Networks?

Through our relationships with Affiliate Networks the sites that and Make and host generate profits. We have been doing this for many years and have seen good and bad times … it seems the past year or so has been nothing but bad. Along with lower revenue from Pay Per View ads the […]

HowTo – Advice about choosing a WordPress Theme for your Business

The one thing about the internet is that you can be an individual business owner and present your company at the same level as corporations with tens of thousands of employees. .. The difference between an attractive functional site and and one that people will click away from means money in your pocket. But with […]

HowTo – I just added Google Ads to my site where is the best place for them?

A colleague just asked where would be the best place to insert ads on her website. She is using WordPress and was thinking of placing ads outside of the main page borders to the right of her sidebars. When deciding on where you should place your ads it is important to understand the fundamentals of […]

HowTo – Making Money with your WordPress Blog – Content Deployment

Getting viewers to your site is the most important step of generating income. And if you have the time to write about almost any subject there are people out there who will want to read it. The fact is you don’t have to be formally trained in any subject to write about it. You just […]

HowTo – Using Google Advertising Network Link Feeds In Your Content

There are two ways that you can get Google Advertising Network links to generate product advertising information as a publisher. The first way is FTP transfers of full product lines and the second is Emails of Daily Promotions. The FTP method requires significant time and effort on the part of the publisher to use the […]

HowTo – Ten Top Ways To Make Money With Your Website Or Blog

Face it if you put a lot of work into your websites the only way that can continue is if you make money.  As it always has been the best way to make money is advertising. Even your local newspaper or national magazines understand that advertising is their bread and butter and subscription costs are […]

HowTo – Improving Your Sales With Website Credentials

No matter if you are selling online or in a brick and mortar store feeling secure about your purchase and knowing that it will be handled with professionalism is a big factor in whether or not you pull out your wallet and fork over the cash. Think about it if you are in the market […]

Google to Start Encrypting Search For Logged In Users – Your WebStats Lose

Google has decided to encrypt connections between its search pages and users for those that login to their account. In one sense this is good for people from foreign dictates like Iran where search information may be tracked on local routers with sniffers but the fact is with China excluded most of the world is […]

HowTo – Checklist Before Your Business Starts An Affiliate Marketing Program

When starting an online presence for your business there are a number of ways that you can approach your Advertising Strategy. If what you sell is a service or a product that is marketed to a local geographic region such as a restaurant, medical or professional service then advertising through ppc or ppv banners is […]

2011 Affiliate Summit Survey Is In – See How Others Make Money Online

The 2011 Affiliate Summit Survey includes answers from real affiliate marketers and it is a good way to get information about how some of us are using Advertising and Affiliate Programs to make money online. Unfortunately the Survey does not hit every question that you might want answered but it shows trends and statistics that […]