Emergency Services

WordPress Emergency Services

There are times when things go wrong and then there are times when things go seriously wrong..

Emergency Services from JumboClicks.com can get you back online quick when these things happen.

With over 15 years experience in managing websites and over 10 years providing technical support for WordPress we have seen quite a few things happen. Websites can be exploited through a variety of methods, Databases can be corrupted and files damaged.

In addition to outside problems simply installing the wrong plugins or making changes to code can bring your website down instantly.

You can wind up with a front end that is inaccessible to your visitors and a back end that has you locked out.

In addition to restoring and repairing your website there are times when high volume of traffic can take you offline. If you post a viral video or make a tweet that attracts too many people no shared server can keep you online without intervention.

We can install caching software, throttle parts of your content, expand your hosting quota and implement cloud services to offload some of the processes that are necessary to keep your website live.

Every case is different so we charge the same price for the first hour of Emergency Services and if additional work is necessary we will provide a Quote that gives you a better idea of how long it will take to get your website restored.

If you are not one of our hosting customers you will need to provide full cPanel and FTP access to your account. Additionally we only support customers and hosts that are located within the 50 USA States. If either you or your website is located outside of the USA we’re sorry but we can not provide this service.

An initial Paypal payment from a Verified Account matching the Website Hosting Account will be required prior to work beginning.

Emergency Services Start at $150*

This includes the First Hour (one hour minimum billing) with additional hours billed by quote.