How To – How can I display my Blog on my Self Hosted Website?

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When we are first using WordPress the easiest and cheapest way to get started is to make a account and just start posting. However after a while you might find that you need more control of your content or just want to host your own site on an account you get at a hosting company.

Someone asks …

How can I display my Blog on my Self Hosted website?

well you have a few options

Probably the best solution is to export your posts and import them into your own website. At that point you can forget about your account other than for things like the API to allow you to use the JetPack Plugin.

The other option is to just link to your account.

and the final option would be to use a plugin like feedwordpress
that will use your feed to grab excerpts of your posts that you make on

your feed url is

you can use feed wordpress and a sidebar plugin to display your most recent posts and have them link to your wordpress account.

so you got three options there

but you can not just make a page on your site and display the posts in total.

FeedWordpress can put them in a category.. its a difficult plugin to setup but after you get it working its very nice.

Personally I would suggest that you import your posts from your website into your own website and place them under a category named Blog.

Then you can manage your own website as you want and forget about your account.. lets face it the more sites you have to manage the harder it can get.

Then remember to give your blog visitors at a final notice that you have moved to your own website.

Unfortunately since you are not under control of the account its not possible to setup 301 redirects to have your visitors automatically redirected to your new home and it could hurt you a bit in SEO .. but this is the price we pay for becoming bloggers..

Good Luck