How To use FTP to upload a WordPress theme to your Hosting Account

A lot of people are not familiar with some of the basic tools that developers use to host websites and its just something that you need to get accustomed to just like you learned any other computer application.

For most basic management of your website you will need to use only a handful of applications that are available for free and may even be included with your home or office computer’s operating system.

Some of the tools you should think about using are: FTP Clients, SSH Clients, Telnet, and a MySql client like MySql Administrator.

For installing files and making backups of your website you need to get an FTP Client.

I Like using Filezilla because it is free and it works ok.

Its really not that hard to use FTP but you will need a few things to get started

if you are on windows .. go here

install it

type in your user account info in the top bar where provided Port Number is not necessary so leave it blank unless your host requires it.

Press Quick Connect
You will be connected to your server

Today we are installing a theme package manually so

Browse to the directory where wordpress is installed
go to
you will see other themes in there

Drag from your desktop into the bottom right window your theme folder

Go into wordpress / appearance / themes ..
the theme should be visible
try preview.
select activate

and you should be good to go.

There are many internet applications that can make your life much easier.

They are often simple clients on your desktop that look and act like other applications you are already use to using. You will simply need to learn the specific features to get the most out of them.

Remember to always make backups before you attempt anything new or anything dramatic.

And you know what you are going to ignore that  last line for months .. and once you have a problem it will pop back into your head like a hot fireplace poker covered in Hotsauce .. I know .. because it happened to every one of us that is at the point you are now. HA!