How To – I just changed my WordPress Theme and my site Died what do I do?

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Ann writes that her website just went down and she is new to WordPress and website building and needs some help to get it back online.

We have all been there.

The most important thing to do when something like this happens is to remember the last thing you did that might have caused it.

Did you install a new Theme or Plugin?
Did you edit any of your files? like wp-config.php

Normally a white screen is due to you installing a plugin that breaks your website but it can happen with themes.

Unfortunately if you are locked out you can not simply go in and fix it by clicking.

You will need to use a FTP App to login to your website and find the plugin folder.. Rename the Plugin FolderĀ  and this will turn all your plugins off.

If the problem was a plugin your site should work to some extent without the plugins loading..

If that did not work rename your specific theme folder such as
/wp-content/themes/annstheme to annsthemeoff

and your site should display with the default wordpress theme.

Again you will need to get an FTP application to change your directory names but FTP is pretty simple .. it looks like you are browsing for files locally on your hard drive .. well kinda.

to login using FTP you should contact your website hosting company for directions. normally its your account username and password and your domain name for the host should get you in… however some hosting companies are a little different.

good luck