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Monetizing Social Networks – What Part Does Selling User Data Play

Selling personal data is a long time method of generating secondary income for businesses. Realtors, Telephone Companies, Banks and Credit Card Companies and even local pizza places that collect information about their customers sell lists of directory and in depth information without our realizing. Social Networks are no stranger to collecting and releasing this same […]

Twitter Exploit – Logging Into Outside Sites With Your Twitter Account Exposes You

For those of us that like to tweet all day but sometimes like to contribute to a third party website the ease of loggin using your twitter account is somewhat attractive.  Many sites use this feature just to verify you for commenting but any site can provide this connectivity between your accounts and provide more […]

What Do You Think About The New Twitter?

I have been using the new twitter design on one of my personal accounts for a few weeks now and some of the features seem good while others seem less then useful. One of the nice things I like is the ability to view twitpic images in the right sidebar rather then jumping into a […]

Does Social Networking Management Take Away From Content Development?

In the past three to 5 years we have seen an explosion in the use of social networks to promote web content but how much time is lost by fostering a social network child instead of building your own site into a valuable resource. This seems to be a very hot topic on Twitter among […]

Mixing Business And Pleasure Twitter Social Networking

Social Networking is nothing new. Before Twitter, Facebook and the net people would get together at functions such as a country club or restaurant and invite everyone from their office to vendors and former and potential customers to promote their business. Although socializing went on friendships were primarily business related and getting too close or […] Goes Pay Only On July 20th 2010 Will You Keep Your Account?

The reason behind going all pay is not certain but it is probably due to the number of accounts that are not generating income for the social network Unlike Twitter where it is Mass Chaos the idea behind is to allow people to host their own sites that allows members who are also members […]

Failing MySpace To Sell PRIVATE User Data To Gain Income

In another loss of internet privacy rights it seems that the now failing has decided that your use of their system gives them the right to sell both your private info and your statistical use of the site. In a post by including info from that was SlashDotted it was shown that […]

Are You Willing To Pay $469 For Twitters First Official Conference?

It seems the folks at twitter will be holding their first official conference in San Francisco April 14-15th where you will be invited to talk with a number of their developers and do some “hacking?”…. I am guessing they don’t mean they are holding a Fail Whale Harpoon Contest. Anyway the conference costs $469 which […]

Twitter Makes It Easier To Report Spammers

Are you sick of those fake accounts that follow you or post garbage on twitter about whitening your teeth or the best place to download porn? Real commercial information on Twitter can be useful. On my personal account I follow twitter users that have websites about Deals and Coupons and individual websites that I buy […]

British High Court Serves Orders Through Twitter To Faker Account Users

Ok this is just strange and probably illegal to do but a British High Court has decided to serve Cease and Desist injunctions against a couple twitter users that are pretending to be someone they aren’t. And get this they are serving the order through Twitter… How do you do that in 140 characters HAHAHAHAH…..this […]