HowTo – WordPress How to delete such Garbage Urls or Data in your Posts

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Recently I noticed a number of garbage links in my content that I did not put there.

The urls are relative links and point to content that is dated prior to me starting the website.

Is there a simple way that I can remove this content or do I need to delete each of them one at a time?


that does not sound good
Finding and deleting random characters embedded in your content is difficult to impossible.

With the use of php and MySQL you should be able to hunt down most of it but since the content is random there is no saying that you can get all of it especially in a large website.

If you are skilled with PHP and MySQL you can find the strings and delete many of them but since this is relatively dangerous I am going to let you figure out that code on your own… Do a few backups as you work though… thats how I work at it.
You can also search with a plugin for a part of the link that stays the same and delete them one at a time

It is difficult to say but if you have content that you did not write .. your website may have been attacked.

good luck