How can you save your MySql Database if it is Corrupted?

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A Person Asks:

Is it possible to save the database for a blog which my host advises me is


It depends on what your host means by corrupted.

MySql databases are text files so at worst they could send you the file that you can not access on your own and it might be repairable.

you can also do an export from within wordpress as normal if your site is operating or use a backup plugin to perform a site backup.

if you are running cpanel on your host you can export the database and save it from your backup widget.

If the database is corrupt because of server problems either hardware or software ask your host for the last backup they made of their system.. they should perform server backups even if they are not normally available to customers and they can get it back for you..

You can also repair some database problems by using phpmyadmin to access the database and clean up the tables.

If the corruption is due to hacking of your website that may require additional action on your part.

However no matter what the problem the best solution is to restore the most recent backup of your database which you know is not corrupted.