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HowTo – WordPress My imported Content has URLs Pointing to my Old Site

Question I was on blogger and had a redirect to take out the blogspot.com, I have switched to WP but now have a different site name. I’ve imported all my posts, but of course now any URLs that were going to blogger are broken. Which means all links on other sites (within my posts) and […]

HowTo – Embed a WordPress blog into Squarespace website

Question We’re using Squarespace for our website at work. The blog function is okay, but I’m thinking we can do better by embedding a WordPress blog into the site. I see that it’s possible, but would like to know if that really makes sense before I start that process. Are there advantages to using a […]

HowTo – WordPress Change links color throughout site

Question I want to make sure all my links within the site are all the same color but I don’t know how to do that except by going page by page. I believe there must be an easier way. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks Answer This is a very common question but the answer […]

HowTo WordPress – When Moving from Blogger to WordPress images don’t show up?

The question came from a new user of wordpress that use to be hosted on Blogger. The home page of their website is not displaying images however the actual Post does show the image. So what can cause this problem? When you move from blogger to wp or from any other platform to wp you […]

WordPress – What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Widgetized Themes?

The only drawback is that the content that you place into your widgets will get wrapped by a container. You can control this in your functions.php file and then style it in your styles.css file however not every item you drop into your widgets will react the same way… for that reason you have to […]

WordPress themes that cost a lot

Every few days while offering WordPress help in the Official WordPress IRC Chat on Freenode I get this question from a new WordPress user or a so called designer who is not a coder…. Where is the best place to get high end Paid WordPress Themes. Well the first thing I think when I see […]

HowTo – WordPress – Press This results in 404

If you are having a problem getting press this to work right on your WordPress Website the problem is probably not the plugin you are using but the Link you are pressing to capture the page content. It seems that the url in the “Press This” link gets set with an improper link. This means […]

HowTo – Advice about choosing a WordPress Theme for your Business

The one thing about the internet is that you can be an individual business owner and present your company at the same level as corporations with tens of thousands of employees. .. The difference between an attractive functional site and and one that people will click away from means money in your pocket. But with […]

HowTo – Adding a Email Contact Form to your WordPress Website

One of the best ways for your visitors to contact you directly is through a Email Contact Form. A contact form allows you to aid the visitor with specific question topics and then route the email to the appropriate person in your organization. If you only have one person taking care of your site you […]

HowTo – Understanding and Using WooCommerce Product Variations in your Online WordPress Store

WooCommerce is one of the more popular plugins that will allow you to add and sell products through your WordPress Website. Even if you don’t normally use WordPress the ease of use of this store may have you installing it just to manage your products. And although WooCommerce is not the be all end all […]