Twitter Makes It Easier To Report Spammers

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twitter_logoAre you sick of those fake accounts that follow you or post garbage on twitter about whitening your teeth or the best place to download porn?

Real commercial information on Twitter can be useful.

On my personal account I follow twitter users that have websites about Deals and Coupons and individual websites that I buy things from. Their Tweets are often commercial in nature showing links to special deals that I may or may not want to buy but It is my choice to follow these users.

Spam bots on Twitter often search the Twitterverse for Keywords when we tweet and then follow us either for research or monitoring or in the hope that they can sell us something.

Well Twitter has made it easier for users to report these idiots.

If you look in your followers listings on the right side of the user you will see a popdown menu.

Select the Report user for spam.

And then you should probably block them too.

PS did you know the Egyptians useto gargle with their own Urin to make their teeth whiter?

and that most bleaches used in Teeth Whitening strip your enamel making your teeth age faster and eventually require caps and  verniers?

be careful out there people heh