What Do You Think About The New Twitter?

Filed under: Social Networks

I have been using the new twitter design on one of my personal accounts for a few weeks now and some of the features seem good while others seem less then useful.

One of the nice things I like is the ability to view twitpic images in the right sidebar rather then jumping into a new browser tab.  This feature is sure to keep twitter users on twitter longer.

The new right sidebar width seems a little wide but I would expect this has to do with monetization efforts that will soon need to be implemented for twitter to become profitable. I don’t mind ads but I hope they don’t insert ads before letting me see a twitpic or video…

Moving the search box to the top will probably mean i actually use it now for more then finding friends in a special HashTag we use when watching a favorite TV Show… not sure exactly how … but maybe I will start searching about topics I am working on to see if anyone else out there is thinking about it too..

One feature I really enjoy is that the new Follow button allows you to unfollow people.. This was long coming.

In all it seems people like the new twitter I haven’t heard a lot of complaints about it so far but then again of the 10+ accounts I have only a few have been allowed to activate the new features.

If you have been trying the new Twitter layout share your experiences… I would really be interested in what you like and don’t like about it and what feels different if you access twitter from different sources… like an iPad or Android tablet.