HowTo – Making Money with your WordPress Blog – Content Deployment

Getting viewers to your site is the most important step of generating income. And if you have the time to write about almost any subject there are people out there who will want to read it.

The fact is you don’t have to be formally trained in any subject to write about it. You just need to put in the time to understand what you are writing about and provide content that can help, inform or entertain your visitors.

Cases in point would be sites like lolcats, peopleofwalmart or any of the info entertainment fan based sites. The information on sites of this type may or may not be original but one thing it is not is a graduate level course in chemistry.

However there is a science behind deployment of this type of content and how it can generate the site’s owner decent income.

Evaluating Your Website’s Content

First you need to evaluate the content that you will feature.

  • Does the content have a lifespan?
  • Can the content be held for Reference?
  • Can you ReFeature the content at a later time?
  • Can you Reuse portions of the content in future content?

In most cases even in pure news sites content can be held as a reference.  Reference content is not only static definitions but it could be information about say the Grammys. Everyone that is about to watch the Grammys this year wants to remember who won last year and 5 years ago. Since most people will forget some of the winners you can reference these older posts at a later date or just allow them to stand as is and generate views through searches.

Can you reFeature the content? In some cases reference information can be re-featured year after year. If you were running a decorating website then every holiday you would add new posts but re-feature past years posts.

Can a portion of the content be reused? Most of the time you can reuse information from past posts. Images are a great example and if you were running a fan based website you could reuse images of different performers whenever you needed to write a quick post. Logos and clipart are also important and you should copy images you gather over time into a gallery that is easily accessible.

Statistical Deployment

Statistical deployment of your content relates to the availability of your visitor. Your content should be released at times when your visitor wants it.

If you are running a news website then you would want to track the use of your website by the hour of day and day of week. There are a number of different tools that will allow you to see when your visitors come to your site such as your website logs or google tools but you need to go a step further.

You should look at when you deploy your content and if it generates the same number of visitors at different times of day.

If you were running a fan based website:

  • Where are most of your visitors geographically located.
  • What is the age range of your visitor and how does that effect availability

If you were writing a website about Justin Bieber most of his fans are located in english speaking countries so you would want to deploy your content during the waking hours from eastern europe to western USA. You would then want to break down which of those areas have the highest return or visitors. You may find that GMT +5 or Eastern USA evening hours are best however you may also find that Western USA is better. Your logs will determine when you have the best chance of deploying content and spiking a burst in your visitors.

As for age range you must consider that kids at school will not have access to the internet and may miss stories if you post too early. Deploying for 6pm in London means 12 pm noon in New York or 9am in LA. And don’t even get me thinking about places like Australia which is 6 hours behind the East Coast USA but a day ahead… that will give you a headache..

Final Note

You may think that the faster you can post content whether you are writing it at 2pm or 2am it is best to just get it out there so people can read it.

This may be true if you are writing breaking news but if you do not evaluate your visitor in all ways you may lose them.

I often write in the late evening and if I have a moment I may write at any time during the day but I know that during times that I am too busy to write or look at the web I know my visitors are also not looking.

In that case I will deploy the content in the future if it is not time sensitive.

I also run a couple of scripts on my static content sites to redeploy older content that is not time sensitive. One site has over 20,000 pages of content so it is unlikely that any older content has been seen when it is reposted. But If I find that the older content is enjoyed then I may target that topic to increase views.

So … don’t always press publish without thinking about your viewer.

And reuse content in reasonable ways.. you don’t want to repost content that is stale but you do want to reintroduce content or portions of it to reduce your workload and increase the library of content that your visitors can enjoy.