yfrog Twitter Image Hosting and Posting

Filed under: Multimedia / Graphics

yfrog is a service that allows you to host an image and upload your message to Twitter.

The process is very simple you just visit the site and select an image to upload.

Add your message for your Tweet and then provide your username and password.

Really this is not such a great thing to allow another site access to a password and you should probably stay away from such things.

There is no registration required and yfrog is part of imageshack so you can expect that the service is reputable….

However use it at your own risk we have no idea if they are caching your info or storing it.

Developers using Yfrog’s APIs can benefit from:

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support, enabling more security for third-party applications.
  • iPhone optimized images via API, enabling faster downloads for IPhone users.
  • Ads-free iPhone media player
  • Fast and free one-click media hosting through Yfrog.

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