HowTo – Updating Windows 7 Drivers For Digital Cameras

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Depending on the brand and type of interface your camera has you may find that you need to update your camera drivers to connect with Windows 7.

This is an important thing to remember to verify if you are a professional photographer or a high end hobbyist.  If you find that your camera does not support windows 7 yet then you will need to either boot to XP to transfer data or find a work around.

One such work around that we found impressive is a new digital storage media that includes a wifi network card built in. Although this card is limited to the type of cameras it can support you can convert many cameras to wireless devices that can beam your photos directly from your camera to your computers hard drive often in raw format or in JPEG if you wish to save room.

That option is not for professionals that often require their cameras to be tethered to a computer because of the huge data files for even a single picture. This would include many if not all cameras that record images above 25 Mpixels and definitely for those cameras use in studios that can capture 60 Mpixels or more.

In that case you know who you are.

Here are some helpful links for driver information.







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