HowTo WordPress – When Moving from Blogger to WordPress images don’t show up?

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The question came from a new user of wordpress that use to be hosted on Blogger.

The home page of their website is not displaying images however the actual Post does show the image.

So what can cause this problem?

When you move from blogger to wp or from any other platform to wp you want to make sure that you grab all your images.

You should open some of your posts and make sure the URL is local to your server and not still hosted someplace outside of your control.

If you move from WP to WP the import export will give you the option to import the images.

if your images are not local get the plugin
Hotlinked image cacher and it will kinda save them .. the names won’t be original but you will at least have the images on your site in a folder and they will be linked inside your posts.

ALSO and probably more important
The theme you are using may be showing the Excerpt and not The Content on the home page and if so it won’t show images.

The Content the_content … is the whole post
The Excerpt the_excerpt … is a chunk of the first few paragraphs usually 80 words or so.

They are called by php inside your theme but also even if you are only showing the_excerpt you can also show images by adding support for that with a plugin or with code in your functions.php file or directly in your theme file.

Try switching to another theme and see if your images show up .. if so then you need to edit your theme files to support images on your homepage.

Hope that points you in the right direction.