HowTo – Embed a WordPress blog into Squarespace website

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We’re using Squarespace for our website at work. The blog function is okay, but I’m thinking we can do better by embedding a WordPress blog into the site. I see that it’s possible, but would like to know if that really makes sense before I start that process. Are there advantages to using a WordPress blog in a Squarespace website?

Any thoughts or insights anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.




For those of you who have not used Squarespace it is basically a frontend presentation of hosting for people that want to put up websites and not worry about the code behind it.

A number of templates and tools are provided that you can make use of or not as you choose.

There are a number of different tools that you can use within the offerings and supposedly you have full ability to modify your site at code level.


Is adding a wordpress blog on top of this custom CMS appropriate?

Well its kinda like saying I have a Chevy Camaro and I would like to buy a Ford Mustang and stuff it inside it.

I mean ???? I Don’t Know .. Maybe you can but the real question is if your current CMS is not providing you with what you need and you find a Better CMS .. why would you want to keep using the old one.

This is the situation that you find yourself in.

You started a website and wanted features without dealing with code.

Now you find those features aren’t cutting it anymore so the process now is to migrate to another platform.

Don’t feel embarrassed that you picked a solution that couldn’t offer everything after all you are able to get online and offer some content to your visitors and that is more than a lot of people can do.

Your next step is to find out if WordPress can offer everything you have now and the features you currently desire .. and if it can possibly expand some features or add ones you never thought about.

WordPress is very extensible and if you can not find the right plugin for feature or theme for design you can make your own code or design with help from millions of designers and developers or hire someone for a reasonable cost.

WordPress unlike a Custom Propitiatory CMS will always have advancements made to it and the fact is 95% of the time the new idea you have has already been made into a Plugin or Design Feature.

So, to your  question

It may be time for you to migrate to another CMS like WordPress.

To evaluate your plan

Make a list of all the features you have.

Review the main features of WordPress then review the Plugin Directory for anything else.

See if there is a similar theme or one that can be modified .. or hey one you like better.

Download the WordPress Ap if you need to work from your Phone or tablet and Try it.

If you have time to add a WordPress install within your current content .. you surly have time to buy a $5 a month hosting package .. install WP and plugins and some themes and see what you can get done.

Or do it for free on your home computer. would not be a solution for you since you need expanded features.