HowTo – Use Fantastico De Luxe To Add Value For Your Hosting Customers

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Fantastico De Luxe is an application installer that comes with cPanel.

The software provided is a variety of different packages, scripts and templates that are useful for developing a website. The benefit is that your customers can use code that has been reviewed to work well with most installs and most of the featured products do not require payment or registration by you or your hosting customer.Applications are installed with a single click or a helpful wizard.

The variety of products includes products like
Wordpress, Drupal, PHPCoin, osTicket, phpBB, Open-Realty about 2 dozen other products and maybe 100 website templates.

If you are purchasing reseller hosting with cPanel then you probably already have it installed. If you are setting up your own server then the cost is very low considering the advantage.

License includes free support and regular updates.

Cost is from $0 if included in your reseller package up to about $200 a year.

The real advantage of this product is that it takes the guess work out of installing packages. It will even create databases if needed so customers only need to enter passwords for their administration accounts..  click and their products are installed.

If it circumvents one tech call about how to assign db rights to a MySql User you have made your money back.

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