Google Model Your Town With Sketchup Competition

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Well before you start drinking massive amounts of caffeinated drinks so you can stay up all night trying to win the prize you should know the prize money $10,000 goes to your local school and you know it will be sucked up faster then the Obama Bailouts and disbursed to undeserving teachers …..

Anyway Google needs more models of buildings in towns around the world so they are holding a competition and giving away $10k to a local school for the best model of your town.

You think they might at least split the prize for all the hard work someone does… maybe a scholarship at the least.

Anyone can enter it seems … but the money still goes to the Government… wonder if you are liable for paying taxes on it or if you can take a tax deduction… probably not.

Basically you just download sketchup and model your town.

Finalists will be picked by an internal team of SketchUp experts. From among those finalists, a winner will be decided by a public vote that will take place on this website. The winning town will be announced by May 15, 2010.


The winning individual/team will receive:

  • USD$10,000 for the town’s public school district (or international equivalent)
  • a visit from a Google team, along with an event in the winners’ honor
  • a video profile of the winning team and their town, to be featured on YouTube
  • a virtual tour of the winning town that will be added to the Google Earth website
  • international publicity in the form of blog posts, tweets and other media
  • additional coverage on Google websites

For more info you can visit the competition site.

Google Model Your Town