HowTo – Using AT&T Text-To-Speech For Voice Overs in Videos and Audio Files

Filed under: Multimedia / Graphics

AT&T Labs has a really neet demo site that you should keep in your bag of tricks.

Their Text-to-Speech Demo Site allows you to convert your text into a .wav audio file that you can include as a voice over in your videos or audio files.

Simply add the text that you want spoken into their form and then select the personality that you want.

There are about 10 voices and they have a variety of accents.

Press speak to hear your words spoken or download when you are happy with the sound file.

If you need a long string or a page full of text converted you will need to do it in sections.

The personalities try their best to understand punctuation but it may take a little adjusting of the text on your part to get the right final product.

This site is for non-commercial use as a demo of the technology.

Their software is used in many popular applications and can be purchased.