HowTo – Using To Check Your Site

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As designers we often have customers with specific demands and although we do our best to provide cross browser compatibility there are so many browsers and platforms and versions that it can be difficult to get everything perfect.

Well to help has set up a series of computers with different browsers and they will view your site and take an actual screen shot of your layout.

Doing this you can guess is processor intensive so remember to click an ad or give them a sponsor if you can.

How Does It Work?

Simply visit put in your url and select the browsers that you want screenshots from.

You should really limit your selection to about 5 or 6 browsers to cut them a break on load.

The service will que your website and generate the screenshots which can take 20 minutes or so and then you come back to the page and view the results.

Remember to save your images so you don’t need to regenerate.

This is really nice especially if your client uses SeaMonkey 1.1 browser because they think its really cool but you don’t have the resources or need to install 25 different browsers on your test machine.

And the neet thing is if you have a bunch of old computers you can setup your own browsershots server because they give you the source.