BlueLituium Advertising Network

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BlueLituium is a topsites ad network that is now owned by Yahoo.

They serve websites that have the highest visitor rates mostly sites like Ebay BestBuy but if you think your site can serve up enough unique visitors then you can probably cut a pretty decent deal on your ad space.

They work with all media types in all formats and shapes.

Basically you are talking about a top dollar hold your hand type of deal and more then likely if your site is one that will be accepted into their program they already know who you are and how to get hold of you.

The main benefit of this network is that they closely match ads to viewers. More then likely publishers can ask per view payment instead of click through due to the fact the space itself is a tangible asset similar to print media.

You got to love it. Its nice that there are services like this but doesn’t it feel a little exclusionary?

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or just wait for their call heh.