Reseller Billing With WHM.AutoPilot

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If you are a website designer that would like to offer hosting services for your clients you will need a way to let your customers signup and pay for accounts.

If you only have a handful of clients you can probably get away with doing the work manually but once you get past about 25 accounts you endup working on things that make your job just that much more difficult.

WHM.AutoPilot is an automation system for hosting accounts.

To use it you need to have a reseller account or server that has cPanel V2 or cPanel and Plesk V3.

The product is designed for Unix/linux servers and requires MySql, PHP4.4 or higher and  Zend Optimizer to run.

Your reseller account needs to be able to Create and Edit Packages and Manage Accounts.

How It Works

The product is pretty straight forward with only a couple clunky (reading directions necessary) aspects. The part that will take the most time is setting up payment and domain registration accounts with each respective company so your system will work once it is configured.

whmautopilotThe first thing you do is setup your account hosting packages in WHMcPanel like you normally would. Like most hosts you will want to offer your customers a few different plans. Each will have different quotas and features.

Once you are happy with your accounts you setup your WHM.AutoPilot settings to communicate with your WHMcPanel account and import your hosting packages.

Once your packages are imported you can manage pricing.

Domain Names
You can offer domain name sales through Enom or a few other companies that can be purchased at the same time hosting is bought.

You will need to have a plan with enom and setup your account info and maybe even open a port to allow WHM.AutoPilot to talk to the Domain Name Seller.

Billing Options
There are probably about 25 different payment systems that can work with your billing system. Paypal is one of them however there are merchant accounts you can use.

How can you learn this software?

The software is downloadable for free and can be used for up to 10 accounts.

You can setup  your system to work in demo mode that way you can test how the product works without making actual payments.

You can also watch some really nice demo videos on their website that will walk you through the whole process of setting up the software and managing your accounts. You should set aside a full day to watch the videos and setup your own demo server.


This is a really nice product that offers a number of good features. At the  time we reviewed the product we wished it had better domain name buying choices but this is probably a result of domain sellers not opening up a resource for automated sales.

If you are reselling this is one of a few products that you need to have around. Some reseller accounts will come with a copy of this software for free if not take a look at the demo and you will see it is definitely worth it especially for automated monthy re-billing.

For more info visit their site