HowTo – Make Money With Google Adsense

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googleadsense_logoMaking money online with your content is important if you are dedicated to the information that you talk about and want to take it to the next level.

As you might notice this site makes use of Google Ads but so do many other high volume professional websites.

So, what is it about Google’s offerings that sets them apart from other advertising networks?

For the most part it all comes down to the quality of the product and the integrity that stands behind it.

If you have been on the Internet for more then a few years developing content you probably came across some pretty big names that offered free signups, decent statistics but they never seemed to come through when it was time to pay for their ad placement.

Some of these companies offered pay per view while others offered pay per click or pay per action (purchase) but the fact is no matter what action the ad company said was needed you never got paid.

Whats even worse was the feeling that you were serving up tens or hundreds of thousands of ad views and click-throughs and there was nothing you could do.

Large companies that bought ads (especially pay per purchase) would endup with billions of views throughout the Internet and never have to pay a dime. Publishers were getting screwed.

I can personally remember logging into this one ad companies account and looking at my stats. I had something like 700k views 20k click-throughs and only earned about $1.20.  IT WAS INSANE heh :o)

When Google came in and decided to offer their advertising services on top of their search engine I think most people thought they would be the same as any other Internet ad broker but the fact is they set the parameters of the product and then followed through on their side.

Maybe they were immature and didn’t know that you could cheat because they didn’t grow up in the advertising world… they were programmers.

Anyway, quite a few of those companies ended up going out of business.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small site about cats or if your company runs 10 of the top 100 Internet websites.  You signup for an account… place the ads on your site and get paid based on the product terms.

Make no mistake about it Google is getting rich off of content that they don’t have to create and remember at the bottom of every ad is their own logo so they are getting lots of promotion for their own products.

Today they are the favorite and probably the largest ad network out there and its all because they decided to share their revenues with publishers.

This is what really changed Internet advertising and why so many sites small and large use Google.


How do you make money with Google Adsense?

Simple just signup for their service and place ads on your site.

And you are asking… that’s all there is to it?

Pretty much…

Placing the ads on your site is the beginning but making the most out of the ad program is a totally different thing.

If you already have a popular site then that’s the hard part. If you are just starting your site then there are many steps between where you are and where you need to be to make some real money from Internet advertising no matter what company you sign up with.

For the most part just to get started earning you need a site with over 1,000 pages of information.
It is at or about this level that you will see actual returns from your work.

The content also has to be interesting so your visitors will return and tell their friends.

The type of content doesn’t really matter… you can talk about any topic.

In other HowTos we will cover the details of different parts of the Google Adsence program : How to setup ads, where they are best placed on your pages and we will talk about general ways to improve your websites placement in directories and how to retain visitors.

All of these things will add up to you making money but in the end advertising revenues are about giving you the opportunity to continue work you love and expanding into other areas that interest you.