How Can WordPress Help My Business?

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Having a website for your business is mandatory today but very few small or even medium sized businesses have the money or the staff necessary to maintain a professional internet presence.

With WordPress you can manage your website with a word processor type back end and present your content with a simple straight forward design or with the same high gloss features found on multi-billion dollar company websites.

WordPress is easy for first time web developers yet strong enough to publish content for: Katy Perry, CNN, Ebay, Ford, Fox News, MTV, People Magazine, Reuters, Sony, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, ZDNet and literally millions of others.

Of course larger sites with millions of visitors an hour will take specialized servers but the same software that you can use for your business is also running where 363 million people view more than 2.5 billion pages each month.

What Features are Available in WordPress?

Most people that have heard about WordPress know it as a Blogging Platform where the author writes posts either personal or about a specific topic on a daily or regular basis.

Blogging is a feature that businesses may want to take advantage of to keep visitors returning to their website but it is only a small fraction of the tools available.

The core features of WordPress include the content management tools you will use for adding pages and posts and managing your users. Most business sites will restrict users to internal personnel that manage the website but you can provide membership features such as Private Pay Content or user forms to allow your visitors posting permission.

Plugins allow you to extend WordPress in any way that you can imagine. Although it is possible to write your own plugins there are so many great ones that you can use for free and commercial plugins that provide unique advanced features.

Some of the more popular Plugins allow you to add a Store to your website to sell your products directly to your customers. Others add features like Event Calendars that are great for Music Venues, Schools or Care Centers or other businesses that have on going events.

You can also connect your WordPress website to Twitter or Facebook to post notices of new content automatically. This is great for posting Coupons or Updates. Just write your post and WordPress will automatically Tweet the Post name and URL. If you tweet from Twitter your tweets can be displayed on your WordPress website in a variety of ways. Sidebar Widgets can show Latest Tweets or present a variety of Social Network Links for your visitors to Connect to you.

Contact forms are also important and you can setup everything from a basic email contact form to a full question and answer test that will email you the results.

Email Alert Signups are possible to collect the contact information of your visitors without requiring them to signup for an account.

Search Engine Optimization and Status Announcement Service allow your content to be found in popular search engines like Google, Bing and other sites that refer visitors.

Image Galleries can display product images for use in Shopping Carts or in Sliders or Slideshows to attract your Visitors attention and merchandise your offerings.

Advertising Banner Rotation is another feature you can offer if you want to promote your own products, Products of affiliate businesses or if you want to generate income from your content. We work closely with: Google Adsense, Burstmedia, LinkShare, Amazon, Commission Junction and most of the other pay per click, pay per view and pay per purchase networks.

Lets Get Started

We could go on listing hundreds if not thousands of other features that you can easily add to your website but since every business is different your needs will be unique.

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