Billing – General and Payment Information

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Note: This is a general description of the methods of Billing. For specific contractual rules associated with your account refer to the Terms Of Service Agreement and your specific order contract.


Payment Methods

At this time the only available payment method / gateway for customer orders is PayPal. We do not allow payment by Cash, Credit Card, Money Order, Bank Transfer or any other method.

It is important that customers create their Account prior to placing an order with .

When you create your PayPal account you will have the option of registering your Credit Card or a Bank Account and you can also fund your account with a Green Dot Card that you can purchase at your local retail store.

FROM PAYPAL’S WEBSITE – The Green Dot Card is prepaid, which means you need to add money to your card in order to use it. It does not offer a line of credit like credit cards. Because the card is prepaid, you do not need a credit card or bank account to use MoneyPak.

When a customer registers their account and places an order with the contact email address that they provide must be the payment email address associated with their PayPal account. This email address must be hosted outside of any domain hosted within the customer’s account on’s servers and must be kept current at all times.

PayPal provides their customers with the ability to use a variety of funding methods including your PayPal Account Balance, Credit Card and Bank Payment and the funding of your account through approved methods.

At this time because of the use of PayPal does not store customer Credit Card Numbers in our systems.

You will never be asked by to provide the Credit Card Number or Bank Information that you use within your PayPal Account. Any Email or other request for specific Credit Card or Bank Account information by a entity pretending to be a representative of should be reported to our abuse department.


Payment Due Dates

Payment for all orders including but not limited to: Account setups, domain names, upgrades, feature addons and design services along with all other billable items must be received at the time of order and/or prior to your renewal date.

Any balance not paid in full by its due date will be subject to fees and may result in the suspension and or termination of the customer’s account. Late payments for Domain Names, SSL Certificates and Renewals may mean your loss of those products.

The only exception to this rule is Design Services for large contracts. The availability or offering of a down payment for large design related projects is a special order at the discretion of and must be specifically provided for in the customers unique contract.

New Accounts may be created manually by which may mean delays in activation.

Refunds does not allow or provide refunds for any reason.

If you need pre-sales support to decide if your order is appropriate please contact our sales department before placing your order.

Charge Backs are not allowed for any reason. A customer creating a Charge Back may be charged a fee to cover all costs and or have their account terminated.


Domain Name Purchases

Domain Name orders placed through must be paid in full prior to registration and renewals should be paid 30 days before due date.

There may be delays in processing of Domain Name Purchases and Renewals. is not accountable for your inability to purchase or renew a Domain for any reason.

If you are late with your renewal payment it may be technically impossible to restore your ownership. NEVER allows refunds for Domain Name Purchases, SSL Certificates, Dedicated IP’s.

We do not provide refunds for Misspellings, Mistakes or other Errors by the customer during the ordering process.

For further information about our refund policies review our Terms Of Service Agreement and the contract additions provided and agreed to by you at the time you placed your order.

Customers may use an outside service to register the domain used for their account. Please contact us if you are considering a service such as for registration and we will try to find you a method of referral and discount.

Customers assume all liability as to the registration and renewal of Domain Name and Related Products.

Note: This is a general description of the methods of Billing. For specific contractual rules associated with your account refer to the Terms Of Service Agreement and your specific order contract.