HowTo – Blog Clients? For Posting To Blogs With Out Logging In?

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You have to really wonder what this deal is about when a software provider develops an application to sit between you and your blog….

Blog Clients come in two basic flavors Executables which are stand alone application like msword and browser addons which requires the use of a specific browser.

The desktop applications are probably most useful for many people that find themselves away from an internet connection but still want to build some posts that can be uploaded when they return home or to the office.

Desktop or executable applications are available for Windows, Mac and Linux but they are also available for specific phones and PalmOS. If you look hard enough there are probably versions for any device you need to use.

Why use one?
So, honestly why would you want to use one of these applications when you can do everything you need from within your blog dashboard? Well as said before you might find yourself in situations where logging into your blog is not possible. In this case you can schedule posts to be uploaded later. Another reason may be added features.

All of the better Blog Clients will have the ability to post directly to your blog with no need for copy and paste but what other features might make them attractive?

The ability to edit images is one option. Windows Live Writer has the ability to perform some basic image editing and positioning in your posts. It also has the ability to upload your images to Flicker and insert the links into your posts.

Social network announcements is another feature however most blog /cms solutions have the standard twitter, facebook announcement plugins.

Expanded Spell Checking is an option if you need to use an international dictionary not available in your blog tools but then again most browsers have built in spell checkers and you can always write in your word processor.

Mobility and the ability to Save Drafts is probably the most appropriate reason to use one of these tools.

Zoundry Raven is one such ap that can fit on a thumb drive and go with you where ever you know there is access to a computer. Now honestly we have not tried this application but since it offers that feature it is probably one worth taking a look at.

In addition the application does not need to be installed and it will not make entries in to the windows registry when you are using it so it should be ok to use on computers you feel are fairly secure.

Here is a list of a few that you may want to look at.


LIPIDr Blog Client

Windows Live Writer