Comcast to Take Over HULU and Make it Pay For View?

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hulu-logoHulu was a venture that came out of left field. The Market was ready for legal online distribution of television and movie broadcasts but while every other studio and business out there was trying to find a solution Hulu simply began offering what they had and continued building on it.

At the point last year where people found it useful to watch missed shows online Hulu whos parent company also owns Fox made an agreement with NBC to offer some of their content online.

Unfortunately this meant that Cable Providers that have been forcing customers to pay for DVRs and movies and TV on demand were getting left behind.

Comcast who has no real interest in NBC as an investment is now trying to work their way in to Hulu by the back door.

The deal is expected to cost Comcast 35 Billion dollars however it would mean that they gain control over most of the legal sources of downloadable content.

Hulu announced in August that they will release their content to Europe in 2010 which means their market is not restricted in the same way Comcast provides content only to their physically local customers.

Comcast has rejected these claims but too many insiders have spoke about the deal to expect they won’t make a play for Hulu through NBC.

Reports have also said that once they gain control they will begin charging for the service …. that is sure to kill it faster then it began.