Amazon Will Steal Your Kindle Books Back But Won’t Deactivate A Stolen Device FAIL!

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amazon_logoI thought this was a really sad showing of how a company should act to help their customers and show loyalty.

We read about this guy Samual Borgasee who got his $300 kindle stolen with a number of expensive books on it… thus bringing the price way up there….

Anyway it seems after reporting it stolen to the NYC Police and having the Police contact Amazon on his behalf which is kinda amazing they did that…

Amazon has put in place some weird ass policy where they won’t disable the devices if they are stolen.

Thats just dam sad you pay all that money and the person who steals your device gets your books … Amazon will sell them more… and even if by some strike of lightning chance you can get a cop to call amazon they won’t shut it off or completely disable it or at the very least delete the books you bought and any content you might have stored on it…..

Wouldn’t you think it is in Amazon’s best interest to do that?

Wipe the contents and give the real owner a discount on a refurbished one that is full of their purchases to make them happy and continue doing business with them???

They got to rethink that one…

Its like Retail 101 class in community college.

It would be one thing if it was really hard for them to do but it seems its not… so why not just do it… after all people that buy books on a $300 propitiatory device are not going to be too happy if things like this happen.


If it was my company I would figure out a way to GPS the thief and give the cops the exact location.