WordPress TinyMCE Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

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wordpress-logoTinyMCE is the Editor that ships with every copy of WordPress.

Using the Editor can be cumbersome at times and flipping back and forth to HTML view is often your last result.

Here is a listing of KeyBoard Shortcuts that you can use while in the Editor to make your writing that much faster.

In the Visual Editor

ctrl + z Undo
ctrl + y Redo
ctrl + b Bold
ctrl + i Italic
ctrl + u Underline
ctrl + 1 – 6 h1 – h6
ctrl + 7 p
ctrl + 8 div
ctrl + 9 address

New Paragraph simply hit “return” key

Line Break hit “shift return” keys

In the HTML VIEW Panel

Bold: Alt+SHIFT+b
Italics: Alt+SHIFT+i
Link: Alt+SHIFT+a
Blockquote: Alt+SHIFT+q
Code: Alt+SHIFT+c
Read More: Alt+SHIFT+t

Unordered List (ul): Alt+SHIFT+u
Ordered List (ol): Alt+SHIFT+o
List Item (li): Alt+SHIFT+l