What would you like to see in the Next Version of WordPress

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wordpress-logoWordPress developers are always working hard coming up with new ideas that can help us write our site content but there are always things that don’t make it that plugin developers try to patch.

If we were putting together a short wish list for the next version it might include:

  • Find a way to completely purge Autosaves / Revisions after a post is published. There is no reason to keep this in the database and it can be a security and liability problem. If someone posts a page and an Admin deletes it for a reason there should not be a copy left in the database.
  • Move all the config file settings such as AutoSave Time to the control panel. There is no reason they should be in a config file when you can even auto update WordPress with a single click. Long overdue and sloppy.
  • Fine Grain control over User Accounts: Limits on allowable categories, editing of posts, lockouts, user levels.
  • Comment Login with other authentication methods such as twitter user pass .. to allow your visitors to post comments. But not for Admins or Editors because that is not safe.
  • Media Library Categories – There really needs to be a way to sort a large number of images that way you don’t waste time searching.
  • User Media Libraries – Give each editor their own gallery and allow or disallow access to a main site library.
  • Allow users to make their own buttons in the Visual Editor to insert code.
  • Find a way that HTML won’t be eaten when changing from HTML to Visual mode and saving posts. Sometimes there is a need for plain old HTML
  • Include a File Library similar to Media Library that also tracks downloads

There are a number of things that would let WordPress Site Managers do their work without resorting to hacks and outside software.

What do you think would make your day to day work easier…