Twitter – Paying People To Tweet

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Ok does this make any sence to you?

Tim Ferriss is paying people to follow him on Twitter.

Well its not really a direct payment but he will donate $3 to charity for every person that he can get to follow him.

Does this make sence?

Maybe because if he can get enough people to get interested in his account he can use it to announce his own goings on like the books he wrights but in the end is it worth it?

Well you do have to figure that even if he does donate the money to charity he will have a decent sized tax deduction not only as a charitable deduction but as an advertising deduction so he can take full value and not be limited to charity donation rules.

So even if he doesn’t make anything he can at least offset his income.

Twitter has become a great resource for advertising but in the end because it is limited in the content that it can serve it will be less profitable. Instant messaging is a great way to communicate but can you do it in private? Can you limit your audience? Well you can but then that nullifys the main idea behind Twitter.

At this point twitter has limited usefulness and that could lead to its demise if they can’t find a way to monitize their product.

However exploiting twitter to make money
thats a different thing.

Keep your eyes on this test case it will probably lead to other similar marketing exploits on Twitter.

btw if you want to cost this guy $3

he is over 25k in followers now so $75k out of pocket.