Microsoft Windows 8 Upgrade $15 for some $40 for the rest of us

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is really happy calling it “stunning” that they beat Apple by selling 4 million upgrades to Windows 8 in the first 3 days of its launch but Microsoft holds a much higher percentage of the desktop OS market.

Although any sales of tech items in this economy is a good thing for the industry the fact that you can download this update for 75% off its OEM Retail price probably has a lot to do with it too.

If you are a Windows Vista or later user you can download Windows 8 for $39

If you are a Windows 7 user that purchased their computer after i think june 2012 you can get the upgrade for $15.

Although its not a bad price and there will be features we all grow to love.. . I am skeptical of upgrading to an OS that has been modified for Tablets…

The interface of the Start Screen is one thing that I really do not like on a desktop.  Then again I use my computer more for work then for a multimedia center and I don’t even own a Tablet yet because I can’t justify a $600 toy just to look “cool” but not to get work done.

I didn’t see when this update sale is over I believe it ends at the end of October.

Maybe I will download a copy just to hold on to so I don’t end up paying $100 more six months down the road .. but then again remembering Windows ME and Vista and 2000 .. maybe like a lot of people I should just wait until I really need to upgrade.