Microsoft Announces 6.2 Billion Dollar Loss the same day they Support Gay Marriage? Smoke Screen?

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In an interestingly timed announcement Microsoft Corp. today announced two things.

First they gave $200,000 to support Gay Marriage in Washington State.

Then they announced that they lost 6.2 BILLION DOLLARS in advertising revenue through their Bing Portal Ads.

Neither of these two things are small events but honestly the loss of 6 billion dollars at the same time they are in talks to acquire a huge chunk of Yahoo is probably more important to everyone.

So they put up this smoke screen hours before the news of the loss comes out in hopes that everyone will forget the real news that they are losing tons of money.

The fact is Microsoft has been late to the game too many times and every product they bring out means people have to give up what they now have … for something less then others offer.

You decide.

Are Ballmer and Gates playing us?

And if so should’t we tell them to fuck off?

I think maybe … yes.

And while you are at it shut down that racist tv channel MSNBC they are forever cracking Jewish Jokes on Morning Joe and bashing everyone who isn’t as racist as they are.