Microsoft’s Ballmer & Gates Donate $200K to Support Washington state’s gay marriage law

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MSFT CEO Ballmer, co-founder Gates each donate $100K to campaign supporting Washington state’s gay marriage law.

The two with more money to burn then any individual will ever earn have been supporting a number of political goals of theirs in the past 10 years.

Unfortunately most of their ambitions hurt the average person.

Their push to allow illegal aliens to stay in the USA is costing Local and State governments hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Southern California and Los Angeles alone spend 5 to 6 Billion dollars just to educate children of illegal aliens.

Gates has also strongly backed legislation that would provide college at half the price or less for illegal aliens while citizens would have to pay the full rate if in state and double that if out of state.

It is interesting that Gates and Ballmer see it as their duty to help people outside of the USA while there are tens of thousands of Tech Workers that can not find work and are in the country legally or actually citizens.

Now the couple decide that they want to back Gay Marriage.

This is fine maybe but they don’t do these things for no reason or out of the deep felt feelings in their hearts.

At one point about 10 years ago many said that Microsoft and its leadership were evil.. at that time i supported microsoft because the alternative was Libertarians in the Linux community that were so brainless their largest motive for gaining power was to eliminate the Social Security system and legalize all drugs.

Then the Apple community which is basically the Gay community .. well even being an artist i never fit in with that group because they were stupid…

Microsoft’s products fit my needs someplace between the sheltered interface of Apple that you could not control and the root prompt of Linux that offered no real choices in desktop solutions especially in the graphic arts arena.

But Gates and Ballmer are just fucking pissing me off now..

Gates and his buddy Buffet want to control our government through a weak obama administration and they are selling us out to China.

Lets just look at one thing…

When was the last time you priced hard drives?
They are the same price they were 3 years ago before that flood in asia …

How long does it take to move production or build new production lines in the USA? Maybe 6 months at most.. but they never did it.

They didn’t do it to save billions of dollars in production and they didn’t do it to help our economy at a time when a few hard drive plants could have started a push to bring back other production.

So they back Gay Marriage but they do it in the face of Religious organizations who oppose it.

So .. maybe they really are evil.

My personal beliefs about gay marriage are…
Life is short if you can find someone to love you and dedicate their life to you and you are both happy .. then be happy..

But being happy does not mean a Church Wedding …
If a church condones or performs a marriage against its main beliefs that a man and a woman marry … and if that church tries to invoke God’s Blessings on that union… then that is simply wrong.

If you are gay and want to be in a Union.. if you want to have a ceremony in the public square, on a beach, in a meadow… where ever but not in a church .. not under God’s name.. and not calling it a Marriage.

In this world we all have a Mother and a Father…

So far Cloning has not happened ….

If you want to spend your life with the person you love and you are gay… I wish you all the luck you can find together but do it outside of the church and don’t say its a marriage… because its not.

And GATES AND BALLMER… if you want to send business overseas … do it after you employ the 50% of College graduates that can not find work… and the tens maybe hundreds of thousands of computer techs that cant get a job…. WHO ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS.