Android’s infringment on Java Finds mostly in Google’s Favor But Its Not Over Yet

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Google is being sued by Oracle who BOUGHT not developed the Sun Java programming language which is open source.. The motive behind it is a Billion Dollars and future royalties that Oracle would get from every Android Phone, Device and maybe app developer.

It seems a little outrageous that Oracle would decide to buy up open source projects only to shut them down, under fund them or fire employees.. or set up law suits that are targeting businesses that began development of projects from software Oracle never even had input on developing..

In the court the jury was asked to find infringement on millions of lines of code but they basically came back with no finding or siding for Google on every thing except the API interface.

Oracle is saying the API is definitely copyrighted .. while it is still part of the Java Package… which is open source.


“We appreciate the jury’s efforts, and know that fair use and infringement are two sides of the same coin,” said Google spokesman Jim Prosser. “The core issue is whether the APIs here are copyrightable, and that’s for the court to decide. We expect to prevail on this issue and Oracle’s other claims.”

Deborah Hellinger, a spokeswoman for Oracle, said the company had no immediate comment on the verdict.

Oracle argued that the parts of Java that Google used are covered by copyrights and that the search engine company was required to pay for a license to use the technology.

Google denied infringement, saying it developed Android from scratch and that the Java elements it used aren’t covered by copyrights. Any bits of copied Java in Android were fair and legal to use, Google told the jury.

The next phase of the case is about two Java patents Oracle alleges were infringed.

Unfortunately I don’t remember if Sun tried to sue Google over android and Oracle just followed through on it .. but it seems really screwed up that Oracle would act more like a Property Manager then a Software Developer when it comes to products they acquired.

Oracle owns a lot of stuff that makes the Internet work but they did not design any of it..

As a matter of fact Oracle products are outdated compared to the products they bought from Sun and the ones Sun bought from others..

At one time Microsoft was looked at for splitup .. I did not agree with that .. but without any reservation Oracle should be split up .. and their open source products that they BOUGHT and did not DESIGN .. should have a mandated 100 year open source designation with no royalties to go to Oracle for standard use of project code..

If not we are all going to get screwed by a company that could not make a better product .. but only bought one… and they bought it for the sole reason of bringing lawsuits..

Facebook is about to do the same thing by buying code from Microsoft and Yahoo.. and that is a pretty crappy way to run your life.. let alone a company that many people invested time and money into..

If we knew you people would turn out to be nothing more then liticious bastards we wouldn’t have dedicated long nights, weekends and free time to helping you build code base which we never saw dollar one for…

Redhat.. Oracle.. Sun… Microsoft you were cool at one time .. now you are all DICKS… rethink your life before you are laying in a bed and can’t correct your mistakes..