John McAfee Dog Shot and Arrested by Belize police

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This is  a pretty interesting story … I always figured that one of these antivirus companies would eventually  be arrested for making viruses to promote their product but … so far there is no real reason other then McAfee is fucking stupid and decided to make his home in Mexico.. dude your worth millions why do you move to a country that  has had 5 times  more narco deaths then Americans killed in 20 years of war in Iraq?

The raid in the early morning of 1 May by the country’s armed ‘Gang Suppression Unit’ GSU allegedly involved the doors to McAfee’s house being smashed down, his property ransacked, and his dog shot.After searching the house for drugs and firearms and handcuffing him and his 12 employees, the police detained McAfee for a number of hours before releasing him at 2am the following morning.

The police haven’t given a reason for the raid but did reportedly find a cache of weapons including 12 gauge shotguns, handguns, rifles with scopes and ammunition. McAfee said he’d presented permits for all but one of the weapons which were for his company’s security.“The entire day was an incredible nightmare.

This is clearly a military dictatorship where people are allowed to go and harass citizens based on rumor alone and treat them as if they are guilty before any evidence whatsoever is obtained,” McAfee was reported as telling a local TV station after the raid.McAfee blamed events on his refusal to donate money to “the local political boss” in his locality. No charges have been made.