Who Are The Top Tweeters? These Sites Will Tell You

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twitter_logoEver wonder who has the most followers or who has the most activity on Twitter?

Well really since there are a group of Twitter favorites that user accounts are setup to follow by default you can guess how some of these people made it to the top … but some are just worth the follow.

TwitterHolic provides a list of the top 100 users based on followers and they break down other statistics such as how long they have been a member, the number of updates they have made and how many people they follow back.

Whats interesting is that some people like TheAlGore and TheOprah have only made 50 or so tweets. Following them isn’t very interesting and tweeting them won’t get you a response.

Dave Matthews with 850k followers at this time has only made three tweets in over 10 months. How useless it that… pretty dam useless…

Other people like Ashton Kutcher actually replies to some of the people that tweet him but the ratio of people he follows is very low.

Britney on the other hand got in early before the Twitter limit and her account follows back about half a million people.

TwitterCounter is another such site that also allows search They provide a top 100 list with statistics You can also compare up to 3 different users and their stats in a graph which is kinda neet.