Microsoft invest $300M in New Barnes & Noble – probably could have bought them for that 9 months ago

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So it looks like there are a lot of strange things going on over at Microsoft lately..

First we heard that they were in a deal with Facebook for the sale of Bing and some AOL Patents that Facebook really needs so they won’t get sued by Ariana Huffington..

Now Microsoft is tossing 300 million dollars away with Barnes & Nobel to start some type of online fight with Amazon because Amazon is suing they were screwed by Apple in online sales of books.

The resulting subsidiary will give Microsoft 17% control which is rather lame because Microsoft has the ability to open their own book store …

This really just looks bad for Microsoft.. their latest version of Windows is getting so much backlash because it is basically a front for placing all of our documents under their control.. forcing users into crappy devices with no storage and then using the lack of protection laws to violate privacy seems to be their future..

They just don’t have a vision anymore it seems.. and thats dam sad not just for them but for the future of computing..

Are we simply just to turn into a bunch of social network users while everything else is offshored to china or india?

It isĀ  just beyond stupid.