U.S. Dept Economic Development Loses All Email Access FOR 3 MONTHS Due to Virus

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Wow this is just utter incompetence or maybe the whole staff took off for three months and used this BS as an excuse.

The U.S. Economic Development Administration, a small sector of the U.S. Department of Commerce, lost all email service due to a virus for about 75 days

Branches of the bureau across the country communicated without email after a virus attacked the email system in January.

Now the website’s contact page lists only phone numbers and addresses, no email, aside from two personal email addresses.

According to EDA Public Affairs Director Cleve Mesidor.”Throughout this process, EDA has communicated with its grantees regularly via phone and fax and have been able to maintain an open line of communication with stakeholders and partners,” Mesidor wrote in a statement.

Her explanation for why the lapse in email access lasted so long was that the process of analyzing the virus and figuring out where it came from “takes time.”She emailed ABC News her statement on Monday, proof that as she said, the crisis is over.

All staff had email and Internet access returned to them in early April.

WHOLEY CRAP MAN .. couldn’t the NSA send a guy over to clean their computers?

That is just dam sad…