Apple Steve Jobs Is Poster Child For Medical Records Not Being In Government Hands

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Recently Steve Jobs Founder of Apple Computer had to undergo a pretty drastic operation for a transplant of his liver.

Now once the announcement of the operation being a success was public everyone was relieved that he should be ok but there were many investors that felt his nondisclosure of his health condition was a violation of corporate law.

It seems that when Apple filed its annual report Steve left this out of the report.. and with good reason.

If people knew of his condition before the operation many people would have not just might have dumped apple stock. Although Steve Jobs does not invent all of the products apple sells and he does not have a day to day working knowledge of each and every employee people seem to believe that he like no other CEO is in full and total control.

Well these people are idiots.

They are the idiots that have purchased his products while other better and less expensive options have been out there for decades.

Anyway how does this relate to government management of your health care and records?

If you are not a multimillionaire that can afford a private doctor out of your pocket who will agree to not disclose your records AND if you can not pay to keep quiet hospitals that will be required to disclose this information to a government official then you risk the public gaining access to your records.

We all remember Joe The Plumber from Ohio … love him or hate him the fact is 3 government employees searched private government databases and released that information to the press.

The information luckily for Joe was not really condemning but in a few years many people will not be so lucky.

If you or a family member has a drug problem or simply takes narcotics that are prescribed. If you have an abortion or use medical marijuana or if you are the CEO of one of America’s largest corporations and you need medical treatment your records could be accessed by minimum wage employees that may be getting paid to harvest information to be sold to outside parties.

This goes on all the time in our Government Schools and Colleges where employees access and harvest information about students and then sell it to Credit Card companies, Insurance companies and others for a profit.

Often these releases are done with the knowledge of the Registrar of the school and the board of directors. And it is legal or so they say.

If Steve Jobs went in for an evaluation or test and that form went to Washington DC and it was made public then Apple, its stock holders and everyone in the Tech industry could have been screwed.

Not to mention Steve who was going through a situation that God willing none of us have to.

So save a few dollars VS abandon your right to privacy?

And who is to say this will save any money anyway. Look at what the Paperless office gave us … more paper and no savings.

So everyone who has a medical situation that they want to keep between their doctor and themselves better speak up because a 14yo hacker somewhere out there is getting ready to download everything and post it on a blog.

You can bet on that.