Are Twitter HashTag Trends Simply Bots Out To Rule The World?

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twitter_logoIts a slow Sunday with a lot of people either on vacation or taking that weekend break so why are there so many users posting to stale topics on Twitter?

Well anyone that clicks can see for themselves that 80% of the conversation is generated by Bots.

Bots are applications that generate information like tweets or email or other data autoprogrammaticly.

Basically someone wrote a bot that reads the trending topics and then uses one or many accounts to post advertising spam to that conversation.

Not only is it bogus but it is a drain on resources.

People that want to use twitter for conversations can’t because the bots are flooding the trending topics of yesterday with spam today.

Honestly I have no problem with sites using twitter as an announcement service just like they would digg or some other network and with Twitter hopefully your new blog posts and links or tweets are reaching your followers and not botnets…

And its not even the Anonymous BotNets that spam there are hundreds of users that may have signed up for a twitter related service… usually a Increase Your Followers Service that give away their username and pass and also give these services the right to post spam tweets through their account…..

The way it works sometimes is for every 10 followers they give you they use your account to tweet spam.


Twitter needs to workout a way to combat the Bots or their service will not be enjoyable much longer.