Sun Agrees To 7.4B Oracle Takeover – How This Screws Every Website

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mysqlIn a week where people are wondering if they will have a job or one with health care the take over of Sun by Oracle did not make big headlines.

This very quiet deal where Oracle has obtained their main competitor mySql and now will control the development of that open source project.

Gaining control over mySql is no little matter. Microsoft had made a direct play for the project the world would be up in arms because mySql Powers the backends of most websites today and the infrastructures of many businesses.

Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Zen Cart, phpBB, vBulletin and almost every software application used to deploy and store website information requires  mySql.

If Oracle as they probably will delays security updates or design improvements every website out there has a good chance of being in trouble.

Obviously it is in Oracles best interest to not use their resources for products that have open source or free licensing.

Not to mention that Oracles own products have always been far behind the market or just completely lacking.

So basically what I am saying is The Internet IS SCREWED.

Think about it Millions no HUNDREDS of Millions of Blog sites whether they are self administered or hosted by an organization…. every Wiki every Bulletin Board where you find out about free stuff….  EVERY E-Commerce site that uses mySql to store their products and pricing info…  EVERYONE… well except those few idiots that use asp or cfml ….

We will see but you should expect more bad then good in the next few months and years.

And the worst thing is no one is talking about it.