WordPress Comes Out Against SOPA but Why? Does it hurt their Business Model?

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The more I read about this SOPA Software Piracy Act the less I like about it but it has me wondering what the real consequences are for the Internet.

Today I was reading a post on WordPress.org where they announced that they are breaking tradition of  being nonpolitical HAHAHAHA if anyone sucked obama’s dick harder then Social Network Executive Staff for the past few years … well maybe Whoopie Goldberg or Oprah but .. anyway back to SOPA…

The problem with SOPA is that it allows the commercial venture not the courts to cause a take down notice that can be enforced in a number of ways .. not limited to just knocking off the sites domain name which would have them using IPs? big deal right they will get the cracks and warez and gayporn out there however they have to even if it means delivery by little red wagons.. .

So I am reading this post on WordPress.org and thinking to myself hmmm how big of a problem is this for these social nework website providers like WordPress.com Blogspot.com and so on..

So I start Googleing things like

|keygen site:blogspot.com| which brought back 35MILLION HITS

the same search on WordPress.com brought back 1.3 Million hits..

I don’t know but does that seem excessive?

I mean i never really thought about it until i saw that post


by Jane Wells of Automattic  jane.wordpress.com UX lead for WordPress



That seems like a lot of Warez and Crap to me..

What are these people doing with their lives that there are 100+ million sites or pages dedicated to this stuff?

I thought there were like 12 sites or something not MILLIONS GEES.. what the hell is going on?

They had the Primaries in Dixville Notch last night and only 9 people showed up out of 67 in this town for the republican primary…

of the nine who did vote 3 of them voted for OBAMA???!!!!

Its a fricken Republican Runoff and they voted for OBAMA… ??? WTF MAN…

Well at least they showed up on the right night and voted.. but they are RETARDS… GLUE SNIFFERS… CRACKHEADS…

but think of this

the other 58… who didn’t show up??? they were making WAREZ SITES ON BLOGGER AND WORDPRESS.COM



Come on people??? Geez

whats going on here..

The world is going to implode on its self and 97% of you are going to be in the basement saying .. Just 3 more minutes God I have to download KanyeWest PimpOmaster 3000 for the XBox… and God will say HEY you dont even own a XBOX.. and then…




—- but back to Automatic and WordPress.com and google BlogSpot.com having all these sites.

It makes you wonder if some how they are profiting from this some way if they dont decide to dump theses sites.

At the very least they are compiling logs which they sell.

Or they are advertising their service or someone elses………


i don’t know.. but i find it strange… and I wish people would wake up and start doing whats right.. going to the polls and voting.. and voting for candidates that care about the future of our country and the world.. rather then voting like its an episode of America’s Next Top Model or something..

Sad people… its sad.

Is this all you are getting out of your life? Is this how you live the few years God gives you?