WikiPedia Founder Says They Are Losing Contributors Because People Grow Up

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jimmywales.jpgWikipedia founder Jimmy Wales said the nonprofit company that runs the site is trying to attract new contributors to replace the ones that have left the site.

Noting that there are 90,000 active accounts the number of people that actually contribute to the site has fallen dramatically in the past few years.

Wales says that the average contributor is a Male age 26 and as he says it Geeks grow up and get married or just find other things of interest.

“We are not replenishing our ranks,” said Wales. “It is not a crisis, but I consider it to be important.”

Administrators of the Internet’s fifth most visited website with over 3 million entries are working to simplify the way users can contribute and edit material. “A lot of it is convoluted,” Wales said. “A lot of editorial guidelines … are impenetrable to new users.”