Reports Twitter has contacted a Lawyer over Hacking & TechCrunch

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twitter_logoIt seems that TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington better start eating lots of mushrooms because he might just need that taste for poo if he ends up in Jail licking another inmates back side for releasing Hacked Documents from Twitter’s Personnel information.

We have been thinking about this a lot and it seems others have too…

Is it right that if someone sends you stolen files of internal documents that you publish them for monetary gain?

We are not talking about doing the world good ….. releasing Government Conspiracy files or Company documents from Madoff’s Securities firm to protect investors….

We are talking about a few hundred pieces of nothing … that is nothing but documents that could do harm to Twitter… all their employees and their chance to find funding to maintain the service… make a living … feed themselves and their family.

Anyway TechCrunch is now getting looked at by some lawyers.. The FBI should probably also get involved….

Its sad people like Michael Arrington had to grow up to be a DICK… He probably could have called someone at twitter and offered to send the files and help security experts find the guy or girl or cow that did it ..

He probably could have looked like the Hero and made out better then the few pageviews he got from posting the documentation.  Its like snapping a crotch shot of a popular actress by mistake… you dont sell it  … you find the right moment and hand it to her with the negative and wink at her and laugh.

sad… guess his parents didn’t teach him very well.