TechCrunch Sites WSJ Posting of Stolen Documents As Reason To Post Stolen Twitter Documents

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In a mild rant by TechCrunch they sited that their receipt of stolen in house documents belonging to twitter is Reasonable Justification to republish this information.

They even go on to say that the Wall Street Journal had republished documents about the sale or valuation of Yahoo saying this is good enough for them….


Maybe they don’t know or maybe they don’t give a crap that NewsCorp the parent company of the WSJ is being sued in England for violating Privacy of a few thousand people and they have already spent over 10 million dollars trying to pay off these people out of court.

Again its not the fact that TechCrunch didn’t actively hack into Twitters Email its the fact that they are exploiting criminal actions.

The response from twitter has been relatively calm to date… they say that the information is not life ending but it is information that could disrupt interaction with their partners.

Read it here

THATS JUST IT they are putting the life of Twitter on the line because they have stolen documents they want to publish.

If you are a twitter user you should unfollow TechCrunch and do not visit their site. You should also RT this to everyone you can….

Twitter should also immediately cancel TechCrunch’s account and anyone doing business with TechCrunch should walk away from them.


The stolen documents came from Google Aps which is part of Google’s infrastructure so by displaying stolen materials they are violating the Google Adsence and a number of other Terms set by google.

RackSpace, InetU, Media Temple, livestream and a number of other advertisers support TechCrunch You should Email them and say you do not value doing business with a company that supports companies like TechCrunch.

We are sorry for the strong language but this is not only irresponsible net etiquette TechCrunch is just full of crap on this one.