TechCrunch To Publish Stolen Hacked Internal Documents

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It seems that TechCrunch has decided that their right to publish stolen internal documents from’s website outweighs their responsibility under the law to not accept stolen information.

I mean what are these guys just dicks.

The first thing twitter should do is shut their account down.. If a company is in possession of your stolen internal information whether it is sensitive or not it is information that points to a crime.

Twitter should call the FBI and have them go over to TechCrunch and require them to release how they came into possession…..

Everyone can see that TechCrunch is just exploiting the situation.

They want your attention like a Michael Jackson News Alert so they can profit from it.

Its just not cool.

The hack could have been a asshole employee that needs to be taken out back blindfolded and fired…

or it could be a 14yo Russian kid. (those kids are fricken smart)

The FUCKERS at TechCrunch don’t understand the first meaning of MOO and what it means to be a responsible Internet advocate and resource……

They say on their website after releasing a sample document that they ARE GOING TO RELEASE INTERNAL FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS and other sensitive information.

Thats just fucked…

It could make Twitter look really good and it would still be really fucked to do it…

In support of Twitter and Internet freedom I hope everyone will unfollow TechCrunch and stop visiting their site. And Email them and tell them they are assholes for fucking with one of the better sites on the internet for no good reason other then their own gain.